Lifestyle tips when trying for a baby  

It is important to look after yourself to prepare for the challenges of pregnancy and being a mother that follow.

We already emphasized the importance of good nutrition, and the things to avoid, like alcohol, smoking and high levels of caffeine, as well as considering additional supplementation with Premama Duo, to help provide necessary micronutrients.

If you have an active and busy life, you might try slowing down a bit and reduce stress. Find time for yourself, and time to relax, spend more quality time with your partner, friends, or do things which would make you happy and calm.

Make sure you have enough sleep.

Being physically active is also important. Some moderate intensity exercise like swimming, brisk walking, or cycling will help you stay healthy and fit, and will help more easily reduce tension and stress accumulated during the day.

Finally, be aware that a baby arriving to the family is a big change, as well as responsibility. Therefore make sure you have made the right decision for yourself and your partner. 

Also have in mind to inform your doctor of your plans and provide information if you or your partner has some illness which requires regular intake of certain medicine, or if there is some genetic disorder in yours or your partner’s family, etc.